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About Shelby:

I am a Midwest-raised, nature-loving, creative. I live in Ozark, Missouri with my husband (who also happens to be my second shooter) in our wannabe farmhouse (I’m a huge Fixer Upper fan). I picked up a camera in 2010 and it’s been an adventure ever since. As an artist-at-heart, I am rarely not creating; when not shooting or spending time with my amazing clients, you can find me painting watercolor art, trying out a new recipe in the kitchen, designing something, writing, blogging, reading, or working on (yet another) new DIY project. My goal is to always stay inspired! I love to travel, spend time with family, and pursue a life well-lived. I believe that the heart of my business is my clients’ beautiful love stories . . . I hope that yours is one I get to tell!

I love love stories. Always have. Maybe that’s why I love my job so much, because I get to create art that exemplifies some of the sweetest, truest, and purest of love stories ever told. I believe that weddings are a celebration of a very sacred commitment bound in love and carried by grace. Wedding days are filled with a special beauty that emerges effortlessly. This is why I do what I do. I believe my job is to capture that beauty in the most elegant of ways. I work to create thoughtful, meaningful, and timeless photos. My dream is that my wedding clients’ photos are still on their living room walls after they are empty nesters, and that brides will want to show to their great grandchildren their wedding album one day. I believe in legacy and story, and am honored to be a part of peoples’ lives through artistic and heartfelt work. My style is detailed, organic, and romantic photography. With every photo, I strive to capture love in a way that will transcend time. I extend my deepest gratitude to you for considering my artistic services for this special day of your life. My hope is that we are fast-friends and the perfect fit, and that if we haven’t, we meet very soon! Feel free to send me a message!