My Story

It all started with a love for stories. I grew up reading and writing anything and everything. I wanted to be a writer because I loved creating beauty out of the simple things, knowing that even the weaving together of words could transcend time. It wasn't until I picked up a camera though that I realized that pen and paper weren't the only way to tell a good story. Through the years, I discovered a beautiful, new way to tell stories– photography.

I began Shea Brianne Photography in 2010 and it has been a wonderful journey of meeting people, making art, and traveling the world. I love that I get to be a part of the most special times of my clients' life and document their lifetime memories. Knowing that my photos are hanging on their living room walls is why I do what I do. I do it for the legacy, for the love, for the story. 

When I'm not planning my next photography project, you can typically find me at home reading a book with a hot cup of tea nearby. I still love to write and blog regularly, and as an artist at

heart, I also love watercolor painting and DIY projects. My husband and I live in Ozark, Missouri and can often be found eating too many desserts and going on nature walks in our spare time. I believe in having some chocolate every day, have a deep affinity for all things Parisian, and am a advocate for slowing down and enjoying every bit of beauty life has to offer. 

I shoot in the fine art style, which means that every image my client receives is shot in a way where it is meant to be savored, saved, and seen as artwork. My images are romantic, light, airy, and, for lack of a fancier word–happy!

While I love shooting in my home state of Missouri, we travel often to Arkansas and the surrounding areas for our shoots, and also shoot internationally upon request. If you're interested in booking with us or are interested in mentoring with me, please shoot me an email! I'd love to grab coffee with you and work together soon!

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The Team


Primary shooter and film-obsessed, the wearer of many hats, the lady answering your emails and telling jokes during your sessions to make you laugh, I will be the one guiding you through your experience with SBP. I grew up a tomboy, but now my days revolve around tulle, garden roses, and everything blush! Aside from serving clients, I also thrive on educating other photographers and creatives, helping them to create artistry and margin in their lives. When not planning my next creative project, I can be found painting, writing, and helping grow dahlias on my mother's flower farm.

Follow my journey at @sheabriannephotography. 


Jared and I met and started dating while in college. I decided to teach him photography so that he could come along with me to some of my photoshoots. Fast forward a few years and we have now been married for a little over two years, Jared finished his bachelors degree in Digital Arts, works as the lead photographer at a megachurch, and holds the title "second shooter and carrier of all the bags." 

Follow Jared at @jaredlung.creative.